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Sally Rogers

Sally suddenly sat straight up in bed. She was lying down when her hand brushed against her chest and alerted her to a strange lump she’d never felt before. “What the heck is that?” she thought. Alarmed, but not panicked, Sally, did a quick internet search and exhaled a small sigh of relief after discovering her lump did not seem to share characteristics with malignant lumps. Hers felt perfectly round, moved slightly, and after a few days, appeared to have shrunk in size.

Soon, Sally learned that her hopeful thinking was too good to be true. A mammogram and biopsy exposed a 5cm cancerous tumor growing in the 66 year-old’s right breast. For many people, this kind of diagnosis would be a perfectly understandable reason for an emotional breakdown, but Sally chose to keep her faith and glean strength from the cancer fighters who went before her. She also found great reassurance in the care of her oncology team at Kaweah Delta. “The doctors and nurses were professional, caring, and because they knew what they were doing, they made me feel safe every step of the way,” shared Sally. “And when you feel safe, it changes your attitude from scared to courageous.”

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