Support Services

Support Services 

 The fight against cancer is not an easy one. Sequoia Regional Cancer Center strives to link its patients and their families with programs and services to assist in the process. Patients and their families have convenient access to many support services through our association with Kaweah Delta Health Care District. 

Patient Library at Sequoia Regional Cancer Center
Our library contains a number of resources for patients and their families coping with cancer. It is located near the entrance at Sequoia Regional Cancer Center.

Patient and Family Services (559) 624-5442
Our oncology social worker has knowledge of hospital and community resources to help cancer patients and their families deal with the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the disease.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (559) 624-3700
With a physician referral, a team of occupational, physical and speech therapists is available to provide patients with techniques and rehabilitation methods for optimal independence.

Pastoral Care (559) 624-2263
Our interdenominational chaplains help cancer patients and their families with their spiritual needs.Clinical Nutrition (559) 624-5210A registered dietitian provides nutrition counseling to maximize cancer patients’ health.

Kaweah Delta Home Health (559) 624-6400
Care is extended into the home with trained nursing, physical and occupational therapy, ostomy care, counseling, and enteral and parenteral nutrition. 

Kaweah Delta Home Infusion (559) 624-4244
Home Infusion provides patients with their injectable medications, supplies, healthcare equipment, and patient education material in a home setting through our own delivery service. 

Kaweah Delta Private Home Care (559) 624-2854

Private Home Care offers a variety of services ranging from nursing care to live-in companions who can assist with personal care and light housekeeping, often providing a respite for family care providers. Services can be hired temporarily or long-term by hour, daily, or monthly.  

Kaweah Delta Lifeline (559) 624-2833
Lifeline is a personal response system, which is linked to 24-hour assistance at the push of a button. It allows for independence and activity with the knowledge that help is only the push of a button away.

The Lifestyle Center (559) 624-3400
A medically based fitness center that offers wellness programs designed to fit individual needs and goals.

Cancer Information Center (559) 624-2597
This center, located on the third floor of Kaweah Delta Hospital, offers free educational material provided by the National Cancer Institute, which focus on various types of cancer and treatment. 

Cancer Support Groups (559) 624-3203 
Emotional support and encouragement are the focus of regular meetings for cancer patients and their families. Cosponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Hospice of Tulare County (559) 733-0642
Hospice offers support to patients and families living with a terminal illness. It is a concept that offers comfort, kindness, dignity, and choice to people who are nearing the end of life’s journey and ongoing bereavement support to their loved ones. 

The Breast Center at Sequoia Imaging Center (559) 624-6000
Services and resources dedicated to treatment and prevention of breast cancer. 

The Hand Center at Kaweah Delta Rehabilitation Hospital (559) 624-3912

The Hand Center offers specialized therapy for the treatment of lyphemedma related to breast cancer surgery.

American Cancer Society (559) 734-1391
The American Cancer Society (ACS) is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. ACS provides valuable services to cancer patients and their families as well as support for research efforts. The Tulare County Unit is located at 211 N. Encina in Visalia. 

Radiation Oncology 
4945 W. Cypress Ave., Visalia, CA
(559) 624-3100
1443 W. 7th Street, Hanford, CA 
(559) 585-7115

Medical Oncology 
4945 W. Cypress Ave., Visalia, CA
(559) 624-3000
857 Garner Ave., Hanford, CA
(559) 584-6000