Kaweah Delta Rehabilitation Hospital's amputation program is the only program in the Central Valley accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International. The program has received exemplary status for its foot care program for diabetics. The program has helped reduce amputations and other complications for people with diabetes.

Patients can be referred to either the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation amputation program. Both programs are patient centered with a multidisciplinary team. The inpatient program uses education materials from the Amputee Coalition of America and National Limb Loss Information Center. The focus of the program is to help the patient and family adjust to limb loss and living life after amputation. The staff will work with the patient and family to offer peer support through our Amputee educational support group and the local peer network program.

The team focuses on the following areas:
  • edema management/wound healing
  • pain management
  • activities of daily living with the amputated limb
  • mobility training
  • prosthetic training and fitting with a certified prothetist
  • proper positioning in wheelchair
  • leisure activities and community outings
  • diabetes management/nutrition
  • psychological and social coping/adaptation skills
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