Spinal Deformities

Treating Spinal Deformities at Kaweah Delta

Spinal deformities may occur when there is an unnatural curvature present in the spine. Common types of spinal deformities include scoliosis (side-to-side curvature), kyphosis (front-to-back curvature) and lordosis (inward curvature), resulting in uneven bone structure. These conditions can cause debilitating pain and issues with self-image, as well as seriously affect quality of life.

If you or a family member has one or more symptoms of a spinal deformity, come to Kaweah Delta Health Care District. Performing a full range of nonsurgical treatments and minimally invasive scoliosis surgery, we partner with neurosurgeons to help patients to regain freedom of mobility, while minimizing discomfort and image-related issues associated with spinal deformities.

Treatments for Spinal Deformities

Depending on the cause of a spinal deformity, the age of the patient and the severity of the condition, spinal surgeons at Kaweah Delta may recommend nonsurgical options first to help restore proper bone alignment.

The following are available treatments for spinal deformities:

  • Bracing: When mild spinal deformities cause irritation but don’t require surgical intervention, various types of braces may help relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Medication: Drugs such as narcotics and steroid (cortisone) injections may offer temporary relief.
  • Physical therapy: Stretching and various exercises can help improve range of motion, restore balance and strengthen the muscles around the spine.
  • Spinal surgery: When nonsurgical options are not enough to alleviate pain or treat symptoms, spinal surgery is used to correct curvature with spinal fusion and bone grafts.

Schedule a Consultation with a Neurosurgeon

Curvature disorders are not always easy to diagnose. That’s why expert spinal surgeons affiliated with Kaweah Delta are ready to help patients and families learn about different forms of spinal deformities and where they originate. To learn more about these conditions or scoliosis surgery, schedule a consultation with your primary care doctor or click HERE  for to obtain a list of neurosurgeons in the area.


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