Digital Mammography/Ultrasound

Digital Mammography
Kaweah Delta Imaging Center is home to Visalia's first digital mammography units. A digital mammogram uses a special detector to capture and convert x-ray energy into digital data. The resulting digital images are immediately available to the radiologist for diagnosis and are incredibly flexible. Much like a digital photo, the images can be enhanced, manipulated, and improved by the radiologist, so a digital mammogram can provide more information for diagnosis. Digital technology also offers better visibility of the entire breast. In addition to a more flexible image, the new digital system works with ImageChecker, a computer-aided detection system. The software analyzes the image and highlights areas on the mammogram that contain features associated with cancer-much like a second set of eyes for the radiologist reading the mammogram. Breast localizations, stereotactic biopsies and biopsies utilizing ultrasound are also completed within this state-of-the-art facility. 

Kaweah Delta Imaging Center provides a wide-range of ultrasound services for obstetrical and general diagnostic patients, by licensed technologists with more than 21 years of experience. We feature Toshiba ultrasound-imaging technologies including the state-of-the-art Toshiba Aplio system with the latest in color flow and Doppler capabilities. 

Other outpatient radiology services are also offered at the following locations: 

Nuclear Medicine Kaweah Delta Hospital 
400 W. Mineral King - Visalia 
(559) 624 2350 

Services included isotope studies of the entire body including thyroid scans/uptake, ventilation/perfusion scans, liver/spleen scans, hepatobiliary scans, brain scans, renal scans, thallium myocardial scans and nuclear medicine angiocardiograms and radioiodine therapy. 

Ultrasound Kaweah Delta Hospital 
400 W. Mineral King - Visalia 
(559) 624 2600 

Services include routine abdominal, pelvic and obstetrical studies, endovaginal and transrectal sonography of the prostate, echoencephalography, color and conventional Doppler studies, ultrasound-guided needle biopsies and drainages and amniocentesis. 

High quality sonography studies of all types are available with Toshiba scanners and a variety of transducers. Our technologists cumulatively have more ultrasound experience than any others in the area. Early morning and late day appointments are available at the Kaweah Delta Hospital location. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology. 

Angiography/Interventional Radiology 
Kaweah Delta Hospital
400 W. Mineral King - Visalia 
(559) 624 2600 

Services include state-of-the-art arteriography and venography of the entire body including aortograms, runoffs, cerebral studies, mesenteric studies, specialized examinations including renal vein and adrenal vein sampling, interventional procedures including peripheral angioplasty, thromboses, transhepatic cholangiograms and drainages, percutaneous nephrostomies and embolizations. 

The Siemens angiography suite is capable of high quality examinations. The physicians and staff have the greatest experience with angiographic and interventional studies of anyone in the area.