3D Mammography


Kaweah Delta offers patients a clinically proven, more accurate mammogram, giving patient a chance at earlier invasive breast cancer detection. This is important because when breast cancer is found early, more treatment options are available. Kaweah Delta Breast Center is certified in providing Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exams, which are FDA approved, to provide superior breast cancer screening technology.

A Genius exam delivers a series of high-resolution images of different layers of the breast. This technology provides screening accuracy unmatched by traditional 2D digital mammography.

With 2D

Lesion obscured due to superimposition on 2D mammography.

With Genius exam

Genius exams minimize the effects of overlap by allowing visualization of tissue within the breast.

Clinically proven results

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that with a Genius exam, radiologists are able to more accurately screen, triage to biopsy, or dismiss a potential false positive—regardless of a woman’s age or breast density.

Proven in both research and clinical use
    Over 750,000 patients evaluated in clinical studies
    Over 100 peer-reviewed publications
    Over 2,400 systems in all 50 states
    Over 8 million women screened in the US since 2011

Current 2D mammograms may miss 1 breast cancer in every 1,000 screenings. Kaweah Delta Breast Center now provides clinically proven, superior mammography technology with compelling benefits.

Genius exams offer women in our community a more accurate, clinically proven breast cancer screening technology. Genius exams:

  • Offer 41% better detection of invasive breast cancers. For many, this may translate into an earlier diagnosis. It may also spare women from the emotional, practical, and economic burdens of additional diagnostic evaluations, including biopsies.
  • Benefit women of all ages and breast densities.

Innovative screening technology that allows for better cancer detection is critical. And, by reducing the frequency of false-positives, more patients are able to return to their everyday lives without a need for additional screening. In fact, four out of five women surveyed agreed that access to a mammogram with clinically proven better detection and less chance of follow-up testing is important.

To learn more about 3D mammography technology at Kaweah Delta or to schedule an appointment, contact the Breast Center at 559-624-3200 or 559-624-4000 (scheduling).