Be Prepared For Your Visit

Due to the high volume of patients being seen at Kaweah Delta Medical Center, we are using a temporary reception tent to receive, evaluate and register patients in our emergency department during this period of peak demand. If you need to head to the Emergency Department (ED) for treatment, here’s what to expect:

Visit the Temporary Reception Tent

This tent is located immediately adjacent to the emergency department. It’s where we are receiving, evaluating, and registering patients during periods of peak demand. This is allowing us to utilize, if necessary, part of the current ED waiting area for the treatment of patients with minor conditions. These efforts are designed to help us see patients more quickly.

Be Prepared for Delays 

If you have a non life-threatening condition you may not be seen as quickly as others. Patients arriving at the are often not aware of the number of trauma and emergency patients that have arrived by ambulance or helicopter and who are being treated for life-threatening conditions. Providing life-saving care is our first priority, but those with less acute conditions may experience delays.  

Only One Visitor Per Patient

For your safety and the safety of other patients, only one of your visitors will be allowed inside the tent at all times. Other visitors are invited to wait in our Mineral King Wing lobby.  

Make Use of Hand Sanitizer/Masks/Tissues

Throughout the hospital we have provided our visitors and patients with hand sanitizer, masks and tissues. Please make use of these items to prevent the spread of germs. Also remember to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face, nose, or eyes.  

More Staff Are on Duty During This Time

We have increased our physician, nurse, and staff complements to ensure that patients in both the ED and Medical Center are receiving the attention required to meet their medical and personal needs. 

For more information on how to prepare for your upcoming ED visit, click HERE.