All Injuries Are Not Equal

Not all injuries are equal. Here is a list of reasons to go to the emergency department and when it may be best to seek care elsewhere, either at Kaweah Delta Urgent Care, Sequoia Prompt Care or a clinic elsewhere in our community.


When to Go to the Emergency Department 

When to Seek Care Elsewhere

Life-Threatening Conditions Cold/Flu/Coughs/Runny Nose
Heart Attack/Strokes Heat Burns or Chemical Exposure
Open Fractures  Fractures
Severe Bleeding Cuts
Chest Pain Removal of Superficial Foreign Objects
Head Injury or Other Major Trauma Splints
One-Sided Weakness or Numbness Sprains/Strains
Loss of Consciousness Stitches/Suturing/Stapling
Severe Abdominal Pain  Rashes
And more... Infected Wounds 


If you are experiencing any conditions listed under "When to Go to the Emergency Department," please call 911 immediately.