Critical Care

Located: Intensive Care Unit (2nd floor of Kaweah Delta Medical Center enter through Mineral King); Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (3rd floor of Acequia Wing)

Visiting Hours: Open visiting hours (depending on patient's condition)

Kaweah Delta Medical Center has a 21-bed Intensive Care Unit and a 20-bed Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit which provide the highest level of critical care to our community.

Enter through Mineral King Wing (top) to get to our Intensive Care Unit (bottom). 

Enter through Acequia Wing (top) to get to our Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (bottom).


Intermediate Critical Care Unit

As patients transition out of our intensive care units, they are are transferred to a 34-bed Intermediate Critical Care Unit, located on the third floor of the Mineral King Wing. This unit provides a high level of care as patients heal and move onto a clinical floor.

Your Patient's Care Team 

All of our critical care units house interdisciplinary teams who see our patients daily. This team includes physicians, registered nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, nutritionists, physical and respiratory therapists. They round on patients daily to follow their progress.