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You need a helping hand, but you want to stay in your own home. At Kaweah Delta Home Health, we understand. In fact, we believe that in many cases, keeping a patient in their home environment can be beneficial to the healing process.  

If you’re considering a home health agency, you no doubt have questions. We’ve answered some of the most common ones below. Please Contact Us any time to learn more about Kaweah Delta Home Health and the services and benefits it can provide you.  

Is Home Health right for me?
The first thing to consider when selecting a home health agency is your needs. While it’s hard to predict the future, your current living situation and your existing health status are major factors in the levels of home health care services you may need down the road. Talk to your doctor about what kinds of ongoing health maintenance you might require to determine if a home health service might be beneficial to you.  

What services do we offer? 
Besides a comprehensive Home Health program we also have a private home care division that can customize plans to meet your home care needs. From around the clock certified nursing aide care and hourly assistance to help with meals and transportation. Please visit our Services section for details about the in-home care we provide.
  • Personal care-bathing toileting, help getting dressed
  • Safety-We can oversee the installation of a medical alert system in your home should you have concerns about falling with no one around to help you.
  • Homemaking-Our private home care staff can help you with general household chores such as cleaning and laundry.
  • Transportation-We can drive you to doctor’s appointments and help you run errands.
  • Meals-Our home health aides can assist with meal preparation.
  • Living quarter assessment and enhancement-We’ll make sure everything in your home is safe and designed to help you live as independently as possible.
  • Finances-Our management staff can assist with bills and help you understand and complete confusing health insurance forms.    

Can I afford Home Health?
Private insurance, Medicare, and Medi-Cal cover many home health care services such as skilled nursing visits, and therapy services.  There are specific criteria required by these insurances. It’s important to know what is covered and what isn’t prior to becoming a Home Health patient. Contact us today for more information. Most insurance, unless you have long term care insurance, does not cover hourly attendant care in the home but remember, out of pocket costs are often offset when you consider the savings you’ll experience—not to mention the peace of mind—of staying in your own home.  

How do I know what services I’ll need?
Since every patient is different, we offer customized plans designed for any need. Once you become a Home Health patient, we will complete a through assessment of your health status and psychosocial needs to determine with you the plan that’s right for you.