Family Birth Center

Welcome to Kaweah Delta's Family Birth Center!

Bringing a baby into this world is an exciting chapter in life, one you'll cherish forever. That's why we are committed to making sure your experience at Kaweah Delta's Family Birth Center is memorable and positive.

A home-like setting, comfort, private rooms and staff who care – that's what Kaweah Delta's Family Birth Center offers and we’re excited and honored that you have chosen us for the birth of your little one. We hope this website provides you with the answers to all your questions and helps you get one step closer to bringing home baby.


Visiting Hours

Labor & Delivery, Mother Baby units: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • NICU: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m

Birth Center Visiting Policy

We understand that during this special time, you'll want to have family and friends by your side. To keep you and others safe during your stay, we ask that you follow our visiting policy, which varies by department: Labor/Delivery Triage area (2 East)

Triage patients are allowed to have one support person at the bedside. Trading or switching of visitors is not permitted.

Labor and Delivery (2 East)

Each patient will be issued three pink armbands to be given to whomever the patient designates. These are the only visitors allowed in patient rooms on the labor/delivery unit 24/7. This will allow for increased patient safety, infant security and initial stabilization of the mother and newborn to occur.

Mother-Baby Unit (Acequia Wing)

Patients will be transferred to the Mother-Baby unit approximately two hours after the birth of a new baby.  At that point, family and friends will be allowed to come and visit, and should enter through the Acequia Wing entrance.  Visiting hours are from 8am to 9pm.One designated person, over the age of 18, is encouraged to stay overnight with the patient.  The front doors of the Acequia Wing are locked after 9 pm; after that time, visitors can enter through the Emergency Room. Only the designated support person with a special visitor armband will be allowed after 9pm.

One designated person, over the age of 18, is encouraged to stay overnight with the patient. Siblings of the new baby are welcome to visit during visiting hours. During the flu season, October 1st through March 31st, visitors under the age of 13 who are not siblings of the new baby are not allowed. Visitors who are ill are not allowed to visit the new baby at any time of the year.

A celebration meal is prepared for the new parents during their stay.  In addition, the patient’s support person may purchase guest meal trays to be delivered to the room at the same time as the patient’s. Breakfast trays may be purchased for $3, lunch trays for $5, and dinner trays for $7. Simply see the cashier in the cafeteria to make these purchases once the patient is admitted to the hospital.

Kaweah Delta recognizes and agrees with all Mother and Baby organizations that breastfeeding for at least the first six months of life provides the greatest health benefits for both mother and baby. We are dedicated in providing support and education for any mother who feels she needs this information. We can provide these services before the birth of your baby, while in the hospital, and even after you go home through our Lactation services and Nursery Nook.  We believe that every baby deserves every chance to start life in such a way to provide the best environment for a long healthy life.  We are Brain Friendly, Every Baby, Every Time.  To help babies transition into life outside of the womb, we follow up-to-date research which includes skin to skin contact and delayed bathing.

Professional photography services are available through Blue Daisy Baby Photography. View the packages available HERE and view our Online Nursery HERE.

Special care is given by our staff to educate new parents about taking care of their new baby.  Parents will be instructed and provided materials to assure they feel comfortable caring for their baby prior to discharge.


The only children allowed in the hospital are the siblings of newborn infants. They are allowed to visit on the Mother-Baby unit only, and must enter through the Acequia Wing Entrance. Front doors will be locked at 9 p.m.; after that time, visitors can enter through the Emergency Room. Only those with visitor armbands will be allowed.

Birth Center Seasonal Restrictions

Seasonal- or disease-specific visitor restrictions may be recommended by the Infection Prevention Team as indicated by public health authority. Annual visitor restriction for flu and seasonal respiratory disease begins Oct. 1 and ends March 31 unless otherwise advised by our Infection Prevention leader. During this time no children under the age of 12 will be allowed in the Maternal Child Health Units.

Attend a tour of our Family Birth Center

When it’s time to bring your infant into the world, rely on the compassionate care of our labor and delivery specialists. Our Family Birth Center offers the latest tools and an attentive, experienced staff to deliver a soothing, secure atmosphere where mothers and families enjoy the very best in birth care.

Before you visit, we encourage you to get to know more about Kaweah Delta’s Family Birth Center by taking a free tour. No appointment is necessary, please call (559) 624-2265 to obtain a list of upcoming dates for tours starting at the Family Birth Center lobby on 2 East. Tours are available in English and Spanish.

In Visalia, Kaweah Delta Health Care District provides comprehensive labor and delivery services at our family birth center for patient from Visalia, Porterville, Tulare, Fresno, Bakersfield, Hanford and surrounding areas of CA.