Success Stories

Stories of award-winning orthopedic care at Kaweah Delta Medical Center.

Charles Cooper
Knee Replacement Surgery

Last year it was determined that Charles would need surgery to improve his limited movement. Today, he is back to his normal self thanks to 5-star orthopedic services. 

Steve "Doc" Blizzard
Knee Replacement Surgery
Steve Blizzard wouldn't settle for a sedentary lifestyle and opted for two knee replacements in two years. Today he says, "I feel like I'm 30-40 years younger."

Gary Rosenberger
Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
Gary Rosenberger didn't let age and a balky knee slow down his long-distance running, cycling, and other fitness activities. Today, he rides over 400 miles weekly with no pain.

Don Sharp
Spine Surgery
Don Sharp didn't lose range of motion after his spine surgery. "I was pleasantly surprised - ecstatic - because I have a very busy lifestyle. I know I made a good decision."

Megan Taylor
Shoulder Surgery
Megan Taylor has a reason to cheer again thanks to a successful double shoulder surgery.

Mary Akin
Shoulder & Knee Replacement
As a farmers' wife, Mary Akin couldn't let injuries slow her down. Today, she has full range of motion in her arm and shoulder.

Austin Albison
Knee Surgery
Austin Albison played through an injury senior year, but after football season he let his orthopedic surgery call the next play. Today, his knee feels awesome and he has no limitations.