Orthopedics - Sports Medicine Surgery

If sports injuries are keeping you from returning to the field, the court or the pool and non-surgical treatments have not helped, orthopedic surgery may be the answer. At Kaweah Delta Medical Center, orthopedic surgeons care for sports-related injuries including fractures and more, whether they involve the elbow, hip, shoulder or ankle injuries. 

Common sports medicine procedures:
  •  ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction 
  • Rotator cuff repair 
  • Joint arthroscopy 
  • Fracture care 
  • Hip and knee replacement 
After Surgery
After every surgery, recovery and rehabilitation are important steps for every patient to take. At Kaweah Delta, patients will work their orthopedic surgeon and staff members at Kaweah Delta Rehabilitation Therapy Services to begin an exercise program that will help them regain range of motion and return to their favorite activities.

Considering Surgery
 If you are considering surgery for a sports injury, speak to your primary care physician. For a list of orthopedic surgeons call Kaweah Delta's Information Center at (877) 529-3241.