Orthopedics - Shoulder

Types of Shoulder Surgery
When therapy and other treatments have not helped shoulder pain subside, surgery may be an option. Arthroscopy and open surgery are two types of shoulder surgery.

Arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive surgery that can be done on an outpatient basis. It allows an orthopedic surgeon to see where the joint has been damaged or injured with a small lens and lighting system (arthroscope). The arthroscope is placed inside the person's skin through one of three small incisions, allowing the surgeon to see if he/she can repair the injury. If it's possible, the repair is done with surgical instruments through the two other small incisions. 

Open Surgery
Open surgery may only require a few small incisions, and allows the surgeon to see the patient's body structure and tissue so that he/she can repair the injury. 

When to Consider Shoulder Surgery?
  •  Pain keeps you from moving or reaching forward or backward 
  • Pain keeps you from sleeping 
  • Shoulders are extremely stiff 
  • You are unable to lift your arm normally 
After Surgery
After every surgery, recovery and rehabilitation are important steps for every patient to take. At Kaweah Delta, patients will work their orthopedic surgeon and staff members at Kaweah Delta Rehabilitation Therapy Services to begin an exercise program that will help them regain range of motion and return to their favorite activities. 

Considering Surgery
If you are considering joint replacement, speak to your primary care physician. For a list of orthopedic surgeons call Kaweah Delta's Information Center at (877) 529-3241.