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As a nationally-recognized leader, Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia allows local orthopedic surgeons with local affiliations and specialized training to treat everything from the ordinary to the most complicated of orthopedic conditions. For example, the caring and board certified doctors are performing the latest proven procedures such as total joint replacements; including the anterior approach, joint repair and modifications, as well as arthroscopies. Specific procedures performed range from rotator cuff injuries to hip, knee, ankle, spine and neck surgery, our comprehensive orthopedic surgery services help people leave the pain behind. Each year, Kaweah Delta performs more than 2,000 orthopedic surgery procedures, making it possible for patients to stay close to home and receive award-winning orthopedic care in Visalia. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, Kaweah Delta utilizes safe proven techniques never questionable trends to help you overcome pain and get back to a healthier life. 

Expert orthopedic care, close to home.

For a list of orthopedic surgeons in the area, click HERE or call Kaweah Delta at (877) 529-3241. 

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