Dan  , MSN, FNP-C

Director Critical Care & Emergency Services

"Since joining this prestigious profession, I have been afforded the honor and privilege of interacting with patients and families at some of their most tragic, life-changing times. The most rewarding part of my patient care career is when I can make a difference in the life of a patient or their family. When I can take a child who is crying, not understanding what is happening, and develop a trusting relationship to alleviate their fear and change a negative interaction into a positive experience for the patient and family - I am rewarded.

As a leader in a Magnet organization, my most rewarding times come when I affect positive change. For example, when I see a fellow nurse struggling with workload and feeling burnt out, I take the time to listen. I am rewarded when I can work with them to reconnect to the true passion and reason they chose to join the nursing profession. I am also rewarded when I mentor a nursing assistant to achieve their goal of becoming a registered nurse and help them develop and coach them through a career change.

The most rewarding part of my job is that I have been given the opportunity to facilitate positive changes in the lives of patients, families, staff and in my profession."