Don't Pass the Salt - Recipes for Success


Don't Pass the Salt -

Recipes for Success by American Association for Heart Failure Nurses

The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) was founded in 2003, with a mission of uniting pro-fessionals, patients and caregivers in the advancement of heart failure practice, education and research. Heart failure is a complex condition that often requires patients to modify their dietary habits. Changes in dietary life-style can be challenging. Patient and family education is a key component in facilitating these changes.

The AAHFN Patient Education Committee recognized the need for a dietary resource that could be utilized by providers. patients and families, to facilitate understanding of hidden sodium, offer helpful tips and low sodium recipes. An interdisciplinary approach was used to develop the cookbook which included, a dietician, nurses. student nurses, patients and their families. The collaborative work of each volunteer brought a wide variety of perspectives that strengthened and enriched the cookbook.

We would like to thank the Patient Education Committee for their vision and unwavering commitment to the de· velopment. coordination and completion of this important patient resource. We also thank the graduate student nurses. Kelsey Farrell and Stacey Zak, for their review and entry of recipes. It is our hope that this experience deepened their knowledge and expanded their appreciation for patient education as they begin their journey in the nursing profession Next. we extend our thanks to Marsha Krall, Registered Dietician. who unselfishly devot-ed her time as a volunteer on this project Her expert knowledge and contributions facilitated the completion of a quality patient resource.

Finally, we would like to recognize and extend a very special thanks to Kaywin and Topper Davis. Jeffrey E. Jones, heart failure patients and their families who greatly contributed to this cookbook. Their personal insight, experience and recommendations were invaluable. They inspired everyone involved in the project and serve as an example that heart failure success is attainable.

The fundamental purpose of this book is to serve as a resource to patients, families and caregivers. It is our hope they find this cookbook helpful as they continue their personal journey living with heart failure.

- Excerpt from the cook book's Forward by American Association for Heart Failure Nurse