Magnet Journey

Our Magnet Journey

The visionary leader who inspires nurses at all levels to deliver excellence is the Chief Nursing Officer, Linda Pruett. During our six year journey, Kaweah Delta designed and implemented a councilor shared governance model, invested in development of nurses as leaders where they stand, and engaged all stakeholders, from bedside to boardroom, in creating a culture of caring. At the journey midpoint, Magnet Steering Committee members unanimously agreed to reorganize our subcommittee structure to align with components of the newly developed ANCC model for the Magnet Recognition Program® and adopt updated application requirements – an unexpected turn onto an unfamiliar path.

Adversity repeatedly gave rise to innovation. The RN Magnet Profile, an internal demographic information collection database, was rebuilt less than one year prior to document submission. Just four months before the application deadline, Linda Pruett’s concern resulting from a nurse executive conference provided impetus to produce an electronic document.

Unique site visit preparations included designing distinctive flashcards and culminated in a compelling organization-wide appraiser welcome ceremony. Through Magnet Designation and exemplar recognition, Kaweah Delta Health Care District is honored to stand in the circle of excellence with our Magnet peers around the world!