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Kaweah Delta Hospice Foundation

The Kaweah Delta Hospice Foundation (formerly known as Hospice of Tulare County Foundation) is a separate 501(c)3 organization with a 21-member board of directors. Kaweah Delta Hospice Foundation is an independent non-profit fundraising organization and exists to support Kaweah Delta’s Hospice program. 

The Kaweah Delta Hospice Department provides a special way of caring for people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness by offering comfort, kindness, and choices to people who are nearing the end of their life. Hospice care encompasses the patient’s family and offers ongoing bereavement support. hospice treats the whole person and his or her family, not just the disease. Hospice’s interdisciplinary team addresses the medical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of the patient and family. Our staff works with patients to make their own decisions about how and where they choose to live their life to its fullest. The staff helps hospice patients maintain their sense of control over their lives and helps them to preserve their dignity. 

We provide hospice services to adults and to pediatric patients with all types of life-threatening diseases including, but not limited to, cancer, AIDS, cardiac, respiratory, renal and neurological diseases. Kaweah Delta Hospice offers hospice services to ALL patients regardless of their ability to pay.  Hospice services are reimbursed by public and private insurance carriers, as well as, donations and grants to the Kaweah Delta Hospice Foundation from patients, their families, organizations and members of the community. 

The Kaweah Delta Hospice Foundation also sponsors fundraising events such as the “Light Up a Life” and the annual “Christmas Tree Auction” events held each December and accepts memorial gifts in memory of Hospice patients.  Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation publishes a yearly newsletter which provides information and donation opportunities. For a copy of the most current newsletter, please call (559) 624-2641

For more information about the Kaweah Delta  Hospice Foundation, please call (559) 624-2641
To contact Kaweah Delta Hospice Department directly, please call (559) 733-0642

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