Office of Grants and Research

Mission: To promote and support research in the interests of the patients and community served by Kaweah Delta Health Care District.


Kaweah Delta Research Oversight Committee

Ensuring Quality Research

Purpose: To ensure that all research conducted at Kaweah Delta Health Care District is in line with district mission & vision, benefits the patient population, and is feasible given KDHCD resources.


Kaweah Delta Institutional Review Board

Protecting Human Subjects

Purpose: The IRB’s foundation and primary charge is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects and support the institution's research mission. 

In assessing the adequacy of human subjects’ protections in research, the IRB asks:

  • Are the risks to subjects minimized? Are the risks to subjects reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits?
  • Is selection of subjects equitable?
  • Is informed consent properly documented?
  • Is the privacy and confidentiality of subjects adequately protected?
  • Are there provisions made for the ongoing monitoring of the subjects' welfare?