Joachim Raese

Joachim  Raese

Joachim Raese, MD

Academic Chair & Associate Residency Program Director

Dr. Joachim Raese is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Director of Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience Training for the KDHCD Psychiatry Residency program. Dr. Raese received his medical training at the University of Hamburg, Germany. After completing his internship in Berlin and at the University of Munich, he completed post-doctoral training at Stanford University in biochemistry and molecular biology and a residency in Psychiatry at Stanford. Dr. Raese previously directed the VA Schizophrenia Research Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas. He received a career development award as a Clinical Investigator and founded a research company focused on Phase I to III clinical trials for psychotropic medications such as Olanzapine, Aripiprazole, and Ziprasidone.