Lori Pye

Lori  Pye

Lori Pye, PhD

Co-Director of Medical Humanities Training

Dr. Lori Pye is the President of Viridis Institute: International School of Ecopsychology. Dr. Pye graduated from Texas A&M and Pacifica Graduate Institute with a PhD in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology. She teaches Ecopsychology at the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB), Antioch University and Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dr. Pye has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and serves on the Editorial Board for Ecopsychology Journal. She has an extensive background in environmental and marine conservation, executive management and academic instruction. Dr. Pye worked with international NGO’s and Ministers of the Environment in Latin and South America to co-develop the Eastern Pacific Biological Seascape Corridor. She has led international conferences on diverse issues as ‘Nature and Human Nature,’ the ‘Mythology of Violence,’ and ‘The Aesthetic Nature of Change.’