Tehniyat Shorish

Tehniyat Shorish

Tehniyat Shorish, MD

PGY3 -Resident Physician

Medical School  
King Edward Medical University

Why did you choose FM?
Its holistic approach and the idea of continuity of care is very appealing to me. I want to practice medicine by breaking free from the limitations of age, sex, and type of disease. Continuation and coordination of care is the key, I want to be able to provide comprehensive medical care, health maintenance and preventive medicine services to the whole community.                  

Why Kaweah Delta?   
When I interviewed at Kaweah Delta, the thing I liked best was its institutional climate which felt very supportive and reassuring. I felt it was a program that cares about its residents' education as well as their future and sensed the environment to be conducive for learning and growth as a medical professional. I saw there was a great camaraderie among the residents, faculty and the staff. KDHCD is a myriad of cultural and ethnical diversity, and it also manifests a great relationship with the surrounding community. I believe this is a strong academic residency training program, where I can flourish as a competent physician and a knowledgeable professional.
Favorite places to eat around town    
Thai Basil, Tandoori House, and Fugazzis    

Bicycling, outdoor activities, and enjoying nature  I love to explore new places, and have tried kayaking and jet skiing a few times and really had fun doing that. I like to try new recipes, at times they work out and sometimes they don’t :). And in enjoying all these activities the central component is my family.          
Tell us something interesting about yourself
I love to write short stories and dramas.