Uzma Qureshi

Uzma Qureshi

Uzma Qureshi, MD

PGY3 - Resident Physician/Chief Resident

Medical School
Dow Medical College    

Minneapolis, MN  

Why did you choose FM?
I have always found Family Medicine to be intellectually challenging as it deals with a wide variety of patients of all ages.  It also requires a deep knowledge covering all complex multi-system disease processes.  In addition, continuity of care provides family medicine physicians with an opportunity to bond with patients and treat them as a whole person addressing their psychosocial issues and educating them about community based diseases. It is this comprehensive approach that attracted me to Family Medicine.    

Why Kaweah Delta?
I am passionate about working in an area with an underserved community. Even as a medical student I was involved with emergency relief and community health organizations.  Seeing the diverse patient population of the Central Valley and Kaweah Delta’s commitment to serving the local community, this was the obvious choice for me.    

Favorite places to eat around town
Tandoori House,  Fugazzis,  Sushi Ku, Tazzaria, and Café Tommy    

My husband and I love exploring. Whether the mountains in our backyard or travelling around the world in our free time, we love trying new things.  

Tell us something interesting about yourself
I enjoy backpacking.  You will often find my husband and I backpacking in the mountains over the weekends.