Asma Tariq

Asma  Tariq

Asma Tariq, MD

2016 Graduate!

Medical School
Aga Khan University Medical College      
Islamabad, Pakistan      

Why did you choose FM?     
Choosing Family Medicine was a decision I made affirmatively with the utmost conviction. I was thrilled by the diversity of a patient population of varying ages, gender, and race with multifaceted issues.  I connected very well with the concept of addressing an individual in entirety.  The focus on health promotion, strong physician – patient bonds and continuity of care was very appealing since I consider these the embodiment of a healthy practice of medicine.  Family Medicine is unique in the tremendous opportunity it provides to benefit the underprivileged, poverty – stricken strata of society who have little access to healthcare. In short, I find the responsibility of being the sole health care provider to those who look upon you as a savior challenging but very attractive.      
Why Kaweah Delta?
I wanted to stay within California and was looking for a well rounded, unopposed, close knit program that would provide the all round training I needed to be able to practice the full spectrum of Family Medicine anywhere.  I felt I was meeting my career goals here.  It felt exciting to be part of a program pioneering graduate medical education in this under served community. A huge attraction was the warmth and hospitality of everyone I met including the faculty and staff as well as the general public.  I knew that in addition to getting excellent training, I would also be very happy to be a part of this community.                  
Favorite places to eat around town  
Tandoori House and Amir Kabob          

I like cooking, baking, watching cricket,  and spending time with friends and family.  My parents and siblings are in Pakistan. I live here with my husband and our one year old son. My son is the joy of my life but he is also a lot of trouble!!!!!        
Tell us something interesting about yourself     
I will let my colleagues answer that question!