Asma Tariq

Asma  Tariq

Asma Tariq, MD

Resident Physician

  • Program Year: 2
  • Medical School: Aga Khan Medical College
  • Reason for choosing Family Medicine: Compartmentalization has never gone down well with me. I like to address my patients in entirety and treat them as a sum and not a fraction which is what we are taught to do in family medicine. I am thrilled to be able to bond with and alleviate the multifaceted suffering of a diverse set of patients of varying ages, gender and races. Family medicine’s focus on health promotion, disease prevention and continuity of care are highly attractive to me since I consider these the embodiment of a healthy practice of medicine. Most of all, the tremendous opportunity available to a family physician to serve the underserved is very gratifying as I strongly believe that these are the people who really need us.
  • Reason for choosing Kaweah Delta: Choosing to pursue my family medicine residency training at Kaweah Delta was a decision I made affirmatively with utmost conviction. Based out of a community hospital along with being affiliated with UC Irvine School of Medicine, it combines the advantages of a community based program with the in-depth training that can only come from a university center. The distinguished faculty with their wealth of experience is committed and enthusiastic about pioneering family medicine education in Tulare County. It is a center that is committed to improving the health of a large underserved community. Most importantly, the kind and courteous attitude of the faculty and staff stands out. Everyone I met was warm and hospitable. I felt welcome and comfortable throughout the course of my interactions before, during and after my interview. Kaweah Delta has everything I believe is essential for enabling me to become a well rounded family physician and to equip me for a future of service with the underserved.
  • Hobbies/Interests: I like to spend my spare time reading and catching up with friends and family. Cricket is a huge part of my culture and I also follow it passionately. Since my marriage, I have discovered that I do have quite an interest in cooking and baking too. In addition, my husband and I love to travel and go sightseeing.