Ehab Swehli

Ehab  Swehli

Ehab Swehli, MD

2016 Graduate!

Medical School
Al Fateh University    


Why did you choose FM?
The holistic approach of Family Medicine appeals to me. I like taking care of people from different age groups and various walks of life. I believe that continuity of care is the key to preventing illness and having a healthy life.
Why Kaweah Delta?
I was happy to choose Kaweah Delta as a place to begin my career as a physician due in part to the friendly environment and welcoming nature of the people in Visalia.     

Favorite places to eat around town
Little Italy on Main St    

Swimming, snorkeling, jogging, and playing chess      

Tell us something interesting about yourself
Following graduation from medical school I worked for a couple of years with “Doctors Without Borders”.  Their influence was one of the main reasons I chose Family Medicine as my specialty.