Kamel Kamel

Kamel  Kamel

Kamel Kamel , MD

2016 Graduate!

Medical School
Cairo University    

Why did you choose FM?     
I like diversity, building a special relationship with families, and bringing the whole family together.  Most of all I like the aspect of preventing many chronic diseases before they occur.            
Why Kaweah Delta?        
Coming to a new program was a plus!  I have been able to help shape the program and see it grow over the past few years. Visalia is a rural city similar to where I was raised.  There is a large Egyptian community which makes me feel at home!            
Favorite places to eat around town
Olive Garden and Café 225        
Karate (Japanese dojo ryu) - I have earned an Orange belt and am working toward my Yellow belt.  I enjoy playing tennis with my family as well as soccer when time allows. I am very good at ping pong and won first place in our church tournament. I love being physically active, spending time with my family, and watching Egyptian shows.        
Tell us something interesting about yourself
I am a very persevering  person, love challenges, and fight till the end.  I appreciate everything I have - my family, my residency, my Egyptian community, and all my KDHCD friends!