Norlan Maltez

Norlan Maltez

Norlan Maltez, MD

Resident Physician

2019 Graduation Class

Hometown:  Fontana, CA

Medical School:  University of Nevada School of Medicine

Why did you select Kaweah Delta's residency program?  I had heard great things about Kaweah Delta and decided to complete a sub-internship here during medical school.  During that time, I discovered Kaweah Delta's commitment to providing compassionate care, serving the community, and pursuing excellence in medicine.  Everyone I interacted with during that time - whether medical or support staff - demonstrated enthusiasm and pride in the organization and its mission.  I knew then that the heart of this program was aligned with my own and that I would fit in well here.

Why did you choose your specialty?  An Emergency Room visit represents at best a bad day, at worst a day of tragedy.  I simply want to help make that day a little easier on my patients and their families if I can.  As an Emergency Physician, I can help decrease suffering, place my patient on the path which maximizes the opportunity for recovery, and support the emotional well-being of my patients and their loved ones.  I also feel that the abilities and skills I have developed over the years as a paramedic will be put to good use in my chosen specialty.

What are your hobbies?  Aviation, technology and finance.

Who will be moving to Visalia with you?  My wife and children.