Kunal Sukhija

Kunal Sukhija

Kunal Sukhija, MD

Chief Resident Physician

2017 Graduation Class

Hometown:      Los Angeles, California 

Medical School:  UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Why did you select Kaweah Delta’s residency program?  The decision was an easy one.  KDHCD's Emergency Department offers unopposed training, incredibly varied pathology, and the opportunity to help patients from all walks of life.  During my interview, I was extremely impressed by the first intern class -- the knowledge and experience they accrued in less than a year's worth of training put them ahead of many senior level residents that I met elsewhere. 

Why did you choose your specialty?  Emergency Medicine, simply put, is the best specialty.  We are on the front lines fighting all types of illness in a time, resource, and information-limited environment.  It's fast, intense, and incredibly rewarding to be able to help patients at such a critical time in their lives.  I also believe that EM is perfectly poised to usher in a new era of heatlhcare as the nation continues to evolve under the new Affordable Care Act.

What are your hobbies?  Road tripping, watching Cohen brothers' movies, social justice, Lakers' basketball, dabbling in all forms of exercise, drinking large volumes of coffee, healthcare legislation, eating breakfast for every meal, minor and major home repair, developing healthcare-related technologies, traveling and learning about different cultures, and my newest hobby: exploring Visalia and its nearby natural wonders. 

Who will be moving to Visalia with you?  My wife and our extremely talented but ultimately lazy cat Popsicle.