We are committed to a culture of care.  Kaweah Care is a front-line driven approach that taps into the creativity and experience of all employees.  It is our shared vision for achieving outstanding levels of patient, staff and physician satisfaction. It is the expectation that every person at every level of the organization exemplifies Kaweah Care by modeling personal, professional and compassionate experiences, for every person, every time, every day.  Through our work, we co-create an environment where we are known for being the best place to work, the best place to practice medicine and above all else the best place to receive care in the Central Valley. 

Personal— Patient centered care involves the personalization of services. Our customers are unique and we are committed to a culture that surrounds them in an individualized, highly personal experience.

Professional— Our reputation brings hope to patients who trust us to deliver high quality care and attracts people with the highest integrity to seek employment or an affiliation with us. Our confident, professional image is essential, and perceptions of our professional competency are greatly impacted by the way we present ourselves.  As health care professionals, we reflect this in our attitude, our demeanor, and our dress—in every aspect of our presentation.

Compassionate— We embrace the human side of patient care. Our organization is dedicated to working together to provide excellent service, to each other, and to the people that entrust us with their care. 

Every person, every time— It’s an always culture. We exist for one reason only: our patients and their families. Our commitment to Kaweah Care is our promise to support the highest standard of care with everything we do.