No Insurance/Uninsured

At Kaweah Delta Health Care District, our overall goal is to provide accessible and affordable health care services to the community. We offer a number of services for our patient’s without health insurance.

Community Managed Care Rate Program
If you do not have insurance you will automatically receive our Community Rate discount. The Community Managed Care Rate program is intended to apply to uninsured patients who do not qualify for financial assistance, but still may face hardships paying their medical bills. 

The Community Managed Care Rate is equivalent to an average of the contractual fee-for-service rates received from KDHCD’s contracted Managed Care payers. The Community Managed Care Rate does not apply to co-pays, deductibles, or Medi-Cal share of cost.

Financial Counselors
We understand that patients may be faced with a difficult financial situation when they incur hospital bills. The hospital has financial counselors to assist and answer questions regarding coverage. We encourage patients and their families to pursue all available programs that may be offered such as governmental or financial assistance programs.  

Kaweah Delta Patient Financial Counselor’s are able to assist you with specific questions regarding financial coverage of your hospital stay. Call (559) 624-2000, or dial the operator (0), and ask to speak to a financial counselor. The hospital will also provide a social worker that can link you to agencies such as the Employment Development Department, Social Security office and Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency.