Marketing Department
Office: (559) 624-2463

Kaweah Delta Health Care District is happy to cooperate with news organizations by providing information about any of our programs and services.

Media inquiries and requests for interviews for all divisions of Kaweah Delta Health Care District must be handled through our Marketing/Public Relations Department. A staff member from the department must escort all reporters and/or photographers while on district property to ensure patient privacy and compliance with both HIPAA and KDHCD policies.Click HERE to download a copy of the California Healthcare Association's "Guide to Release of Patient Information to the Media," which details what hospitals can release to media to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

Please contact the Marketing Department if you wish to do a story on any division of Kaweah Delta Health Care District including:

The Lifestyle Center
Kaweah Delta Medical Center
Exeter Health Clinic
Lindsay Health Clinic
Woodlake Health Clinic
Sequoia Prompt Care
Kaweah Delta Rehabilitation Hospital
Sequoia Regional Cancer Center
Kaweah Delta Dialysis
Kaweah Delta Mental Health Hospital
Kaweah Delta Urgent Care
Kaweah Delta Imaging Center

Weekdays (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.)
Call (559) 280-9374 or (559) 786-0173.
Or contact us via e-mail ( or (

After normal business hours/or for a media emergency (reporter on deadline) Call the media cell at (559) 280-9374.