Employee of the Month 2016


January 2016

Nadia Ruvalcaba, RN - 3W

"Nadia is one of the dependable charge nurses 3W has. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. 3W can get incredibly busy and when Nadia is charge she makes it a point to be in the room with the floor nurse when the patient arrives. She always greets the patients in a respectful manner. I've worked with a lot of different charge nurses throughout the hospital and Nadia is a step above the rest. She is not only an advocate for her patients but also her nurses. She is a great nurse and I hope to be as great a nurse as her one day. 3W is lucky to have her," Stacy Delgado


February 2016

Kari Moreno, RN - Med Surg

Nominated by Todd Eshpeter
"When I was behind, Kari stepped up and discharged a patient for me.  This not only made the patient very happy, but allowed me to get home to my family on time."

Additional Comments by April Matthews
"It was no surprise to me when I was informed that Kari was selected as a service excellence award winner. Every day Kari shows up with a smile and a great attitude. Kari is someone who gives 110% every day, every time, not just to our patients but to her co-workers. She is one of those people who you can tell got into nursing because she wanted to help people. She is kind, compassionate, empathetic, and has the ability to comfort even the most difficult patient. Just last week we had a very difficult patient, that even the doctors were having difficulty dealing with, but Kari went in and worked her magic. The patient was so pleased with her that even when she moved off of the floor she still called Kari for advice and to advocate for her. This is not an uncommon reaction to Kari; her file is filled with patient compliments.  Her enthusiasm and her ability to onboard her co-workers has resulted in improved team moral both during work hours and off. It is not uncommon to see Kari literally chasing after doctors to get orders for her patients, or watching her make multiple phone calls to be sure her patients have everything they need. Kari is a key player in making sure the CDU is successful not only by her good work at the bedside but also by being a member of the UBC. Kari is a wonderful example of Kaweah Care, from walking a lost patient to helping a co-worker in a time of need; she continues to impress me every day."

March 2016

Cynthia Degroot, RN - ICCU, 3W (9 Years)

1st Nomination by: Mick Hilvers
"Tonight Cynthia made my night possible by staying nearby and helping with my very ill patient despite having her own assignment. When my patient took a turn for the worse, she stayed to help her stay comfortable and reassure the family while she passed away. She was a huge help and a great example of an RN and leader. The family wants her to know how much they appreciate her presence and vigilance. She is always an excellent caregiver, top notch leader, caring nurse and overall perfect example of Kaweah Care." 

2nd Nomination by: Stacy Delgado
"I have had the chance to work with Cynthia on multiple occasions and I can say without a doubt that she is one of the hardest working, most compassionate nurses I have come across. She is so helpful and caring. Even when she is drowning with her own patients she can be counted on to provide a helping hand. Whenever I float to 3W and Cynthia is there I know I will have a good night because she will be there to answer questions or help me figure out what needs to be done first. Thank you Cynthia for all that you do."

April 2016

Pinky Rose Calica, Charge Nurse - CVICU (7 Years) 

Nominated by: Brittany Wedderburn
Pinky Calica is hands down one of the best nurses I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Pinky takes on many professional roles: charge nurse, teacher, preceptor, coworker, friend and she excels at them all! Pinky led our team during a difficult and critical recovery of an open heart patient last night with ease. Her poised leadership creates a sense of security amongst the team even in the most chaotic situations. She was caring, compassionate, and most importantly professional in every aspect.  She is a tremendous co-worker and leader and an invaluable role model for the unit.  We would be at a loss without her. Keep up the good work!!

May 2016

Chanh Saelee, EVS, (21 Years)

Nominated by: Eileen Paul
They say you never know what you have until it's gone... Well, recently our housekeeper Chanh was on vacation for 9 days and boy did we learn this first hand!  Most people don't even notice when their housekeeper is out; we do! Daily, Chanh gets all of the trash on the unit emptied, she cleans EVERY room (floors are mopped, counters wiped, furnishings polished and sharps containers emptied; without being asked).  At least 2 times a week she vacuums the entire unit; wipes down windows, nurses’ station counter tops, dusts vents, scrubs sinks, keeps the break room spotless (unlike us RN's, toilets scrubbed, always plenty of toilet paper and toilet seat covers and makes sure that the laundry carts are being emptied.  During the time she was away, these things didn't happen :(  We are SO glad she chooses to come to work with us in the ICU!

June 2016

Melissa Marroquin, Cardiac Services - 2N (7 Years)

Nominated by: Dainty Thomas, Kali Martinez and Jennifer Farrell
Melissa is an exceptional charge nurse and continues to be an outstanding team lead. She is always very respectful of her coworkers and patients. It is not uncommon for her to go above and beyond to help her colleagues by continuously communicating with all floor nurses to keep apprised of what is needed on the floor. She finds the time each day to help floor nurses while still managing her tasks as a charge nurse. Furthermore, Melissa will stop what she's doing to help answer call lights. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, efficient, hardworking, compassionate, and you can always count on her. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and a smile on her face!

July 2016

Sharon Aquino, Sr. Financial Analyst (10 Years)

Nominated by:  Coby LaBlue, Jennifer Stockton and Maria Hernandez
Sharon is committed to her team and customers. She upholds a positive, professional attitude and is always willing to help. She communicates well with her customers, and follows up timely and consistently until issues are resolved. Furthermore, she is the ""go to"" person for District personnel for point of sales transactions and commercial banking. Sharon takes on additional responsibilities, aside from her normal job and covering for other staff members, in order to ensure the successful setup of projects. Her great compassion for her peers is often demonstrated by assisting new and current employees with her knowledge and technical skills when problems arise. She exemplifies personal ownership, her dedication to the Finance department and the District is certainly deserving of recognition.

Sharon Aquino

August 2016

Jennifer Foster, RN - 2S (6 Years)

Nominated by:  Halie Barnett and April Matthews
Jennifer does whatever it takes to make her patients feel welcomed and comfortable.  Jennifer is one of the most caring people you will meet. She is the definition of a professional nurse; her patients trust her, she is up to date with best practices, she treats her patients and colleges with dignity, kindness, respect and compassion. Jennifer is constantly lending an extra hand, and is one of the first ones to come running when called. Jennifer continues to grow each day, venturing out of her comfort zone, even stepping into the Charge Nurse role when needed. Jennifer is a vital member of making the CDU a success. From the moment she is told she is getting a patient, she is planning their care and removing road blocks so she may provide quick and quality care. She does not let the speed of the CDU stop her from spending valuable time with the patients and their families, easing their fears. Not a week goes by that she is not mentioned by her patients as being an excellent nurse. She is beyond deserving of this award!

Jennifer Foster

September 2016

Susan Angulo, RN - Chronic Disease Management Clinic (5 Years)

Nominated by: Janet Delgado
Susan has shown enthusiasm and commitment to the development of this new service line at the CDMC. Having come from an acute inpatient area to our clinic, which is the interface to the community, she brings her diverse skill set, particularly that of critical thinking.

Every day in the CDMC is a new adventure. Whether I ask Susan to set up a heart transplant consultation, emergently treat a patient experiencing acute heart failure in our outpatient setting, or teach a patient for the 3rd time on how to use a scale to weigh themselves daily - she completes the mission with grace and enthusiasm.

I would not have enough hours in my day to write out the number of Kaweah Care Recognitions of which Susan is deserving. Which is sad, because we at the CDMC have learned to expect an extremely high level of functioning from her as a daily occurrence. In her humble, yet professional manners, Susan Angulo raises the bar for professional nursing. Please celebrate her strengths and the example she sets daily for us all.

Susan Angulo

October 2016

Abel Madrid, RN - Critical Care Float Pool (22 Years)

Nominated by: Jemimah Ostrea 
Abel deserves this award due to his ability to provide help, support, and guidance to his co-workers without waiting for co-workers to ask for help. He jumps right in to help a co-worker having a busy assignment without any hesitation.
For example, I had a very critical patient who was actively bleeding and was very hypotensive. Abel came in to help me put an OG (orogastric) tube after the patient's procedure. He also helped me clean my patient so that the family, who were very stressed and emotional, could see that their loved one was made comfortable and clean. He also communicated with the doctors on my behalf about the current status of the patient and put in telephone orders to change the status of my patient from DNR to comfort care. 
Abel helped me throughout the process of the patient's last few hours of life. He helped me to take care of the family's needs, patient's needs, and most of all, his colleague's needs, in making sure that the family and patient was provided the best care possible. These are the reasons why Abel is deserving of this service excellence award. 

Abel Madrid

November 2016

Shannon Anguiano, RN, Unit Secretary/CNA Sub Acute (6 Years) 

Nominated by:  Elisa Venegas and Andrea Dowell Each month the Sub Acute Unit nominates a staff member to be the unit's employee of the month by entering all of the Kaweah Care submissions into a drawing. In the last drawing, Shannon had eight Kaweah Care entries! She had the most Kaweah Cares by far. The common denominator in all of her Kaweah Care comments is that Shannon is always helping. She works extra hard to make sure that patients are showered in a timely manner. She makes sure patients' needs are met promptly when their assigned nurses are busy. Shannon is regularly assigned as Unit Secretary but will help her team by taking an assignment and even coming early to help the night shift. Her hard work shows how important patient-centered care is to her.

Shannon is always willing to help out the CNAs on the floor. She is always doing more than expected. She not only helps days, she helps nights. She will give extra showers, helps with rounds, and is always there to give a helping hand. She always is smiling and upbeat.

Shannon Anguiano

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