About Norman Sharrer

The Man Behind the Symposium

Kaweah Delta Health Care District's annual Norman Sharrer Symposium is named after Dr. Norman Sharrer, M.D. Dr. Sharrer was director of medical education at Kaweah Delta Hospital and associate clinical professor of medicine at University of California School of Medicine, and a former practicing physician in Exeter prior to his death in August of 1980, at the age of 57. 

His colleagues and friends remember him many giving traits: 
"He was a man who always said “thank you.”
"He was always available when you needed him."
"His door was always open."
"He was ready to help anyone who had a personal crisis."
"One of the most supportive persons I have ever known.”
"A tremendous teacher.”

The annual Norman Sharrer Symposium has been hosted by Kaweah Delta Health Care District since 1981. Each year a health theme is chosen that will have interest to our community beyond the confines of just physicians/clinicians here in our Tulare-Kings County area.