Success in Treating Pneumonia

The graph below shows how many patients received perfect care* for pneumonia after we made sure they received appropriate blood tests before they received treatment and were given the most appropriate antibiotics.

All data current as of 2nd quarter 2015

The pneumonia measure is made up of 2 indicators:

Pneumonia patients who get certain blood tests within 24 hours of arriving to the hospital

Blood tests are important to help the physician identify infections in the blood. This indicator measures how many patients received a blood test within the first 24 hours of arrival so the right antibiotics can be given based off the test results.

Pneumonia patients given the most appropriate antibiotics

To ensure a speedy recovery it is important to give the right antibiotics to pneumonia patients.This indicator measures how many pneumonia patients received the right antibiotics.

*The Perfect Care Score shows the percentage of patients cared for at Kaweah Delta Health Care District who had all Medicaid Services (CMS) and Centers for Medicare quality measures done perfectly.

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