Kaweah Delta set to bring prize-winning author to Visalia Fox Theatre on Oct. 16

VISALIA – Kaweah Delta Health Care District and members of the Medical Staff are inviting people to join Physician, Historian and Prize-Winning Author Victoria Sweet on Thursday, Oct. 16, for the Norman Sharrer Symposium at the Visalia Fox Theatre.  

Dr. Sweet, author of “God’s Hotel; a Doctor, a Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine,” will discuss critical conversations between patients and their medical providers in today’s healthcare system in a session titled, “Slow Medicine and the Efficiency of Inefficiency.” The symposium will begin at 6:30 p.m. and is free to the public at the Visalia Fox Theatre, 308 W. Main St.  

“[Dr. Victoria Sweet’s] patients’ lives teach us about the challenges of successful caring and healing. [She] is a keen observer of the legal, political and economic forces that have taken medicine away from its roots and turned it into a complexity that we now call health care,” writes the continuing medical education committee of Kaweah Delta Medical Center. “She hopes to teach us how the efficiencies and other benefits of slow medicine happen whenever doctors and nurses can take enough time to care for their patients, not just about them.”  

For the last 33 years, Kaweah Delta has hosted the annual Norman Sharrer Symposium. Each year a health theme is chosen that will interest the community beyond the confines of just physicians/clinicians in Tulare and Kings counties.   

The event is named after Dr. Norman Sharrer, M.D., who was director of medical education at Kaweah Delta Hospital and associate clinical professor of medicine, University of California School of Medicine, and a former practicing physician in Exeter prior to his death in August 1980, at the age of 57.  He is remembered for his many giving traits and described by many as a man who always said thank you, was always ready to help anyone who had a personal crisis, and was a tremendous teacher.  

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Prize-Winning Author: Kaweah Delta Health Care District hosts free community Norman Sharrer Symposium with Prize-Winning Author Dr. Victoria Sweet (“God’s Hotel; a Doctor, a Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine”), 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 16, at the Visalia Fox Theatre, 308 W. Main St.