Visalia school raises funds for labor/delivery unit

VISALIA – For the past month, students from Mountain View Elementary School have collected spare change to help improve Kaweah Delta Medical Center’s labor and delivery unit, and the totals are in.  

From March 7 through March 27, Mountain View Elementary School students partnered with the Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation, which raises money to elevate the level of patient care at Kaweah Delta Health Care District, to help raise money to refurbish Kaweah Delta’s labor and delivery unit. The students were able to raise $2,368.86 of the $1.4 million that is needed to refurbish Kaweah Delta’s labor and delivery unit, a project slated to begin in 2015. To date, the Delivering Our Future Campaign has raised $902,000.  

Mr. Brian Horton’s class collected nearly $400 and won a pizza party for being the class that raised the most for the fundraising campaign.  

“This fundraising effort is very special to our hospital foundation because it’s not every day that we get a phone call from students who want to raise money and make sure the money stays local,” said Deborah Volosin, events coordinator for Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation. “It was great to see the students get excited about philanthrophy.”  

Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation was created in 1979 to help Kaweah Delta Health Care District achieve excellence in patient care through fundraising from the hospital family and the community. Since that time the nonprofit 501(c) (3) Foundation with its elected board of directors has raised approximately $45.9 million in support of Kaweah Delta. The Foundation raises funds through personal solicitation, grants, special events, direct mail, and social media appeals as well as through future, planned gifts such as bequests.