“KD Newsreel” focus is alternatives to visiting Emergency Department during cold/flu season

VISALIA – Kaweah Delta Health Care District is launching a new video series, called the “KD Newsreel” to help inform the community about health news and services at Kaweah Delta.                                 

Each newsreel is fewer than five minutes and can be viewed at Kaweah Delta’s monthly board meetings or on Kaweah Delta’s YouTube Channel.  

The January edition of the newsreel includes segments on seeking care during cold and flu season and information on how to pay a bill after receiving care at Kaweah Delta.  

Cold and Flu Season Care
Largely due to cold and flu season, Kaweah Delta’s Emergency Department has recently cared for a record-breaking number of daily visitors in the emergency department. But Kaweah Delta officials urge Tulare County residents experiencing cold and flu symptoms to use caution before heading to the emergency room.  

“I hope these tips will help as many people stay healthy and away from others that might infect them as possible and keep the emergency department open for more seriously ill patients who need to be there and need to be admitted,” said Dr. Jerry Jacobson, assistant medical director of Kaweah Delta’s Emergency Department.  

Dr. Jacobson offered the following alternatives to visiting the emergency department for people who are experiencing cold and flu symptoms:  

-If a person’s symptoms are mild, they can treat their symptoms at home with Ibuprofen, Tylenol, lots of fluids and rest. “That’s going to heal you or family members a vast majority of the time,” Jacobson said.  

-If a person’s symptoms are mild, they should call their doctor for his/her opinion on whether they should head to the emergency department for care.

-If a person is having trouble getting a hold of their doctor, they should start by visiting Kaweah Delta Urgent Care (1633 S. Court St.), Sequoia Prompt Care (1110 S. Ben Maddox Way), or any walk-in clinics in the area.  

If a person is experiencing cold and flu symptoms, the following are reasons to go to the Emergency Room:
-Difficulty breathing
-Fevers over 102 degrees