Kaweah Delta launches the new KaweahDelta.org

VISALIA – Kaweah Delta Health Care District has a new, redesigned website (KaweahDelta.org) that is user-friendly and interactive for people seeking health information.  

The new website gives people an opportunity to take one of 15 free health risk assessments to identify factors that put them at risk for health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart attacks and more.   The 5-7 minute health risk assessments are available by clicking HERE. Everyone who completes one by Friday, May 17, will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a 7-inch Kindle Fire e-book reader with Wi-Fi connectivity. Those who are deemed at highest-risk for a health condition can choose to take advantage of a free one-on-one consultation with a Kaweah Delta staff member. Completing an assessment could help save a person’s life as people are often unaware of factors that put them at risk for diabetes, stroke, cancer, or heart disease or heart attacks.  

Following the survey, users can opt-in to receive newsletters with health tips. The following health risk assessments are available online:
-Breast CancerAware
-Colon CancerAware
-Lung CancerAware
-Prostate CancerAware
-Pediatric SleepAware
-Bone Health Aware