Kaweah Delta Sleep Disorders Center opens pediatric sleep room

VISALIA – Parents whose children are in need of a sleep study can now avoid waiting lists for pediatric sleep studies out of the area thanks to a roving pediatric sleep study room at Kaweah Delta Sleep Disorders Center.  

When a child is scheduled for a sleep study for sleep apnea, one of the center’s eight rooms is transformed into a Disney-themed escape for children. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that keeps people from breathing normally as they sleep. The long-term effects of a sleep disorder can be serious and include heart attack, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and more.  

Pediatric sleep studies are a growing need as childhood obesity grows. Obesity increases a person’s risk of sleep apnea.  

Located at 126 S. Floral St., Kaweah Delta’s Sleep Disorders Center is an eight-room center staffed with board-registered technologists who conduct sleep studies in a home-like setting. All tests are interpreted by physicians who are board certified in sleep medicine.