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Success Stories 2017

 Read about patients who have received quality and patient-centered care at Kaweah Delta Health Care District.


Connie Pinedo 

Open Heart Surgery 

Connie Pinedo is grateful for the life moments she has been able to experience in the two years since doctors performed her open heart surgery at Kaweah Delta. 


Marv Phillips

Heart Attack Survivor

Heart attack survivor Marv Phillips put his race to recovery in the hands of Kaweah Delta’s dedicated heart team.


Annette McMasters

Vascular Surgery Patient

Annette was lacking proper blood flow to her brain. Blood flow in her carotid artery was totally blocked.


Steve Armagost

Head Trauma Survivor

Fathers dream of walking their daughters down the aisle. Seven weeks before living that dream, Steve Armagost heard the crack.


Kristen Santos

Sepsis Survivor

Doctors diagnosed Kristen with severe sepsis. It claims the lives of 28 to 50 percent of the more than a million Americans diagnosed with it each year.


Chris Morton

Severe Trauma Survivor

Chris had been under a truck, fixing its transmission when without warning the 6,000-pound truck fell off its blocks, pinning the 36-year-old.


Success Stories 2016


Bruce Livingston

Lung Cancer Survivor

At Kaweah Delta, patients like Bruce Livingston can find cancer-fighting services provided by caring and supportive medical staff, close to home.

Victoria Capello

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor

Diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, Victoria is now receiving excellent care at Sequoia Regional Cancer Center.

Samuel Franco

Head Trauma Survivor

With neurosurgical services close to home, Samuel's traumatic brain injury was quickly addressed by Kaweah Delta’s emergency trauma services.


Kay Vandever

Lung Cancer Survivor

When diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, Kay believes that whatever amount of limitation, a person must live life to the fullest.


Remigio Florez

Neurosurgery Patient  - Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis

A sudden fall whiling moving boxes lead to constant back pain for Remigio Florez. Spine Surgery at Kaweah Delta would remedy his unique medical condition.


Cassandra Baker

Breast Cancer Survivor

After detecting a lump on her breast during a routine self-examination, Cassandra sought immediate medical attention.


Orthopedic Surgery Patient Success Stories

Stories of award-winning orthopedic care at
Kaweah Delta Medical Center.


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