Board of Directors Meetings

Kaweah Delta Health Care District regular board meeting, committee meeting notices, and agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meetings (special meetings are posted 24 hours prior) in the Kaweah Delta Medical Center, Mineral King Wing entry corridor between the Mineral King lobby and the Emergency Department waiting room and on  

Some reports may not be available in time to post to the web page.   Documents provided to the Board of Directors after the posting of the agenda to this web page will be made available for public inspection in the Executive Offices (Administration Department), Board Clerk's office {Kaweah Delta Medical Center, Acequia Wing - 400 West Mineral King Avenue}, during normal business hours - Monday- Friday (8:00am-5:00pm).  Closed session supporting documents are confidential by nature and not posted to this web page.

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors is on the 4th Monday of the month.  Meetings times and locations for the Board of Directors meetings and Board Committee meetings are identified in detail on the meeting notice and meeting agenda.  

The next Regular Meeting of the Kaweah Delta Health Care District Board of Directors:

Monday, April 24, 2017 | 6:00PM
Kaweah Delta Medical Center
Blue Room (Basement)
400 West Mineral King Avenue, Visalia

04.24.17 Board of Directors meeting.pdf

04.18.17 Human Resources Committee.pdf
04.19.17 Quality Council Committee.pdf
04.21.17 Finance Property Services and Acquisition Committee.pdf
04.24.17 Marketing and Public Affairs.pdf