Employee of the Month 2013


Carole Moore-Wilson

Carole is a role model for others with service excellence. She doesn't just meet visitors at the South Campus with a smile, but she escorts them where they need or want to go. She knows the residents by name and shares her smile and kindness with them when they stop by her office. She is very passionate about her role at Kaweah Delta and what Kaweah Delta stands for. She is a valuable asset to our organization.


Doug Niederreiter

Doug is the Pharmacy IT Coordinator for our facility and does an amazing job. Day after day, he dedicates many long hours to making this district the best it can be. He always keeps patient care at the center of his focus, works hard to improve our level of care by working with Physicians and Pharmacists to help them understand and adopt the latest healthcare technologies. He keeps everyone around him enthusiastic about their work and regularly highlights the difference they make.


Martha Vallejo

Martha goes above and beyond for her patients and her nurses. All nurses love to work with Martha; they know when she is their CNA they don't have to worry about their patient's needs being met. And when her patients are tucked in and sleeping, Martha goes around and cleans the unit. We would like to recognize Martha's outstanding work ethic, Kaweah Care attitude and her commitment to delivering excellent patient care.


Jen Jolly

Jen was nominated for not one particular thing, but for everything she does to exemplify a professional, caring professional, not only in the NICU, but out in the community. She serves as a mentor to new staff, she provides knowledgeable clinical care and is extremely competent in critical situations.


J.C. (Joseph) Palermo

J.C. is very attentive to physician needs and requests. He is very knowledgeable, always has a smile on his face, has a great attitude and is very approachable. J.C.'s "can do" attitude and friendly demeanor has earned the respect of the Medical Staff. J.C. is the prime example of Kaweah Care. We are very fortunate to have him as part of Kaweah Delta.


Javier Martinez

The Kaweah Delta Intensive Care team was fortunate to have Javier join us in 2008. After graduating from the COS nursing program, he participated and excelled in the Critical Care Internship Program. He embraced his learning with such enthusiasm that it was clear from the start that Javier was exceptional. His commitment to his own education took him from novice to expert well before the expected time. Javier feels a personal responsibility to be the best for every patient whose life is placed in his hands.


Julie Macintosh

Julie exemplifies the heart of nursing and personifies Kaweah Care in all that she does. Julie is calm under pressure, and always stays focused on the patient. There is no patient need too humble to demand Julie's personal attention. Julie gets many patient compliments, because she consistently makes them feel truly cared for.


Eugenia Magahis

Eugenia is a star on 4 Tower.  She is a night team lead who cares about her patients and staff alike. Her peers comment that she is the "greatest leader on our floor, "  is a mentor, a resource and an example of what a professional Registered Nurse should be. She remains positive in the face of change and seeks to understand and support rather than resist. She is compassionate.  This compassion translates to true caring  the patient's can feel.  Recently a patient called to give me feedback on his stay and he said he wanted to adopt Eugenia.  She gave him all the time necessary to educate him about his diagnosis. 


Cheryl Johnson

Through her diligence, her kind demeanor, and her meticulous efforts, Cheryl Johnson is extremely deserving of the Service Excellence Award. In Cheryl's job description, anything means everything. It means setting up events on rainy, windy, foggy, and sweltering hot days. It means working with every department in the district on orders for unique projects and monitoring each project efficiently and with great personal care. Kaweah Delta has a gem with Cheryl and we thank her for her commitment to us, her job and our community. 


Laree Irving

Laree is a true patient advocate. Even in the most difficult situations, she remains calm, compassionate and caring while listening and documenting the concerns raised. She approaches her work in a capable and competent manner. She is very responsive to others. The compliance team loves to work with Laree and she is an integral part of the collaboration between compliance, risk management and internal audit and all other district departments. 


Tammie Hoffman

Tammie Hoffman always seeks to serve others with the hope of touching someone's life. She is well-known for her warm, gentle spirit, her integrity, and her deep commitment to her patients. She is described as the nurse who puts others before herself and who always goes the extra mile for patients. She has been caught braiding the hair of elderly patients and ordering food trays for tired, hungry family members. It is a rare day when leaders don't receive praise from patients or staff about Tammie's care. 


Joel Cazares

Joel is the epitome of Kaweah Care. Not only is he always caring toward patients, he is always willing to lend a hand to a coworker in need and is the first to offer help. Joel is a tremendous asset to staff and a natural born leader with great mentoring skills. Joel is a perfect example of staff member who lives the mission and values of Kaweah Delta. Kaweah Delta is definitely a better place because of him. 

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