Medical Staff

Medical Staff Officers
Chief of Staff: William Roach, MD
Vice Chief of Staff: Daniel Boken, MD
Treasurer: Harry Lively, MD
Immediate Past Chief of Staff: Mark Wiseman, MD

Department Chair/Vice Chair
Anesthesia: Roy Winston, MD; Byron Mendenhall, MD
Cardiac Services: Matthew Campbell, MD; Nallathamby Taya Thayapran, MD
Critical Care Pulmonology & Adult Hospitalists: Leland Beggs, MD; Wally C. Huynh, MD
Emergency Department: Kenneth Scott Whitlow, MD; Jerry I Jacobson, MD
Family Practice: Robert Allen, MD; Eva Hirwe, MD 
Medicine: Olayinka T. Omololu, MD; Monica Manga, MD 
OB/GYN: David Borge, MDChristopher Bencomo, MD 
Pathology: David Hewitt, MD
Pediatrics: Christine A. Nelson, MD; George Latta, MD
Psychiatry: Barry Mills, MD
Radiology: Richard Clutson, MD; Daniel Hightower, MD
Surgery: Joseph P. Manuele, MD; Joseph C. Chidi, MD